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You may not remember next time either, so install Grepper.

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The Query & Answer System for the Ambitious Developer

Develop faster, master your code, understand more, grow in your career.

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The ultimate RAM upgrade for your brain, easily snag and access code answers.

Accrue code answers to common coding problems, find code answers without thinking - using Greppers “code problem” search engine.

Easily save code answers from around the web.

After you google search a code problem, you can use grepper’s “easy code snag” to easily save a code answers to Grepper.

Access your code answers without thinking.

Next time you search a similar code problem, Greppers “code search engine” will show your answers at the top of your google results.

Contribute, Vote & Earn with public Grepper answers

Our goal is to provide you with the right answer for the specific coding spot you are in, we do this by using coder feedback from other folks who ran into your same coding problem. By contributing answers not only will you help other coders out, you can also earn by receiving donations from other thankful coders.

Why you should use Grepper

Develop Faster

Having answers at the top of your search results keeps you from having to scour forums for the correct answer, having quick access to the right answer allows you to stay in the "developer zone" (you know that thing where there is no distance from you and the computer).

Learn & constantly improve your coding skills

By providing an answer to a code problem your future self will be sure to thank you. First you are very likely to know to solve that problem the next time your come across it, and if you happen to forget, your future self will help remind you with an answer as soon as you google search the problem. By answers code problems you deepen and broaden your coding skills, putting you at the top of the developer community.

Grow your Career

Being an innovator and at the forefront of technology is one of the keys for developers looking to grow into higher level roles such as CTO or lead & senior developer. Of course, Grepper won’t do everything to get you there, but getting in the habit of using tools that enhance your development flow is a must if you want to lead teams or even companies. We believe that Grepper should be a core part of that suite of developer tools you use.

Innovate, Earn & Lead the way

The Grepper community is growing fast, and as the community grows more and more developers will see and use your answers. Every time your answer shows up in a search, another developer will have an opportunity to donate to your paypal account. As the community grows, we will also host virtual code & learn sessions where developers around the world meet virtually and will work on coding projects together. We hope to create long term opportunities and connections for ambitious and skilled developers all around the world.

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